Legal disclaimer
If, on receiving the documents for the Annual General Meeting, you realize that they are not unbroken or you suspect some other form of abuse, please call the Shareholder Service at +49 (0) 6196 8870 709 to block the access to your account. Once this personal account number is blocked, you are denied entry to the AGM Online Service. In this case, please use the forms sent to you for granting proxies or giving instructions. Alternatively you can contact our Shareholder Service by calling the above number. Please keep your access number in a safe place. Under no circumstances should it be sent back to us together with your registration form, and even after you have used it, it should be kept safe until the date of the Annual General Meeting to prevent it from being used by unauthorized persons.

The technical and organizational measures taken by Talanx AG conform with common practice. These measures provide an efficient AGM Online Service and data security when power of attorney and instructions are granted via the internet. Talanx AG accepts no liability for defects and shall not be held liable for the functioning or the local availability or for permanent accessibility of the telecommunication network or the internet services. Responsibility for these is beyond Talanx AG's control. If, despite all the security measures taken, we should find that an unauthorized influence has been exerted on the stored data treated in accordance with applicable  data protection provisions and used for the performance of the Online AGM Service, we reserve the right to interrupt the Personal Internet Service without further notice or to terminate it prematurely in order to guarantee a proper voting procedure. In such cases, power of attorney and instructions received via the internet will be considered only if it is certain that no manipulation has taken place.

In compliance with the relevant data protection regulations, the data you have disclosed within the scope of the AGM Online Service will be processed exclusively for providing the AGM Online Service. If you give your power of attorney to the company proxies via the AGM Online Service, corporation law requires such data to be kept stored for a period of three years after you made use of this service. After the period of three years the data will be deleted.

We also want to point out that with the present state-of-the-art, the stability and availability of the services may be subject to fluctuations. Thus, in case the AGM Online Service is not available, we recommend that you make use of our AGM Online Service timely to ensure that you still have sufficient time at your disposal to issue your power of attorney and instructions by mail.