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Questions and answers about the Shareholder Portal
Which possibilities offers the Shareholder Portal?

The Shareholder Portal offers you the possibility to register quick and easy for the Annual General Meeting and to order admission card(s) for yourself and a proxy on your behalf, to exercise your voting rights via postal vote, or to give power and instructions to the company-nominated proxies. Changes and cancellations are possible without difficulty.

In addition, you can register on our Shareholder Portal for future e-mail transmission of invitations to the Annual General Meeting, view the data you have entered in the share register and, if necessary, notify us of any changes in your e-mail address.

How do I get access data? 

You can find your shareholder number and your personal access number set out in your invitation. 

What shall I do in case I lost my access data?

Please contact the Shareholder Service. There you will receive help. This service is available on workdays from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00 (CEST) under 0800 1016358 or from abroad / international +49 6196 8870 709. You may reach us alternatively via e-mail talanx.hv@linkmarketservices.de. In any case please give us your name and your place of residence. 

Questions about the AGM
What is the deadline to register for the AGM?

Your registration is possible until 30 April 2020, 24:00 (CEST) (time of receipt).

Are there any changes because of Covid-19?

In view of the spread of the corona virus in Germany, we unfortunately have to forego a physical meeting and personal dialogue in the usual setting this year. At the end of March, the legislator opened up the possibility to do a virtual, unattended main meeting. We consider doing such a virtual Annual General Meeting to be the only responsible way of adhering to the announced timetable for our Annual General Meeting.
What does a virtual General Annual Meeting mean?

You have the opportunity to follow the entire Annual General Meeting in the Shareholder Portal. This requires registration for the Annual General Meeting by 30 April 2020, 24:00 hours (CEST) (time of receipt). You can submit your questions to us in advance and exercise your voting rights in advance, online also until the voting begins.
Can I be represented at the Annual General Meeting by issuing proxy and by giving voting instructions in advance?

The issuing of power of attorney is possible by using the AGM Online Service or optional by filling out the reply form attached to the invitation. Changes of voting instructions can be made electronically within the Shareholder Portal until immediately before voting begins at the virtual Annual General Meeting on 7 May 2020.

Where can I check countermotions? 

Available motions made by shareholders will be made public online: www.talanx.com/hv

Can I follow the AGM online?

In the Shareholder Portal you have the opportunity to follow the entire Annual General Meeting. The opening and the speeches of the CEO Mr Torsten Leue will be broadcasted live from 11:00 (CEST) at www.talanx.com/hv. Afterwards available as recording.

Can I participate in the voting via internet?

In the Shareholder Portal, after registration in due time, you can vote cast by postal vote, grant and amend powers of attorney and instructions to the proxies nominated by the Company until immediately before voting begins at the virtual Annual General Meeting on the 7 May 2020. This requires registration for the Annual General Meeting by 30 April 2020, 24:00 hours (CEST) (time of receipt). In case several statements are received, priority is given to the most recently received statement.

Additional information about the AGM can be found at: 

Share register
Who is keeping the share register up to date? 

The share register is being administered by our registrar, Link Market Services (Frankfurt) GmbH in Eschborn.
Change of address can be communicated by e-mail to the Shareholder Service at talanx.hv@linkmarketservices.de.
Please be aware that we are legally not allowed to implement name changes to the share register. We would like to advise you, to contact your depository bank, in order to get your [name] data updated and registrar informed.

Shareholder Service
Who do I contact in case of questions about the registration for the AGM?

Our Shareholder Service is available on workdays from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 (CEST). You may reach the service at:
From within Germany:
0800 1016358
From abroad / international:
+49 6196 8870 709
Talanx AG
Postfach 1460
61365 Friedrichsdorf/Germany 
Fax within Germany:
069 2222 3312
Fax from abroad:
+49 69 2222 3312

Questions about the webcast
What is a webcast?

A webcast is a broadcast of audiovisual content over the internet. The term is composed of two essential components:

1. web: for the World Wide Web, online or web-based
2. cast (from broadcast): for broadcast, broadcast or transmission

During a webcast - often also called a web event or streamed webinar - information is broadcast to an audience according to the one-to-many principle. The technical transmission always takes place online using streaming.

A webcast can either be broadcast live or in a recorded form as an on-demand format.

How does a webcast work?

A webcast always takes place as a “one-to-more” broadcast. This so-called one-to-many communication is a form of mass communication in which information is transmitted from a central point to a group of participants. The transmission of information is based on the classic transmitter-receiver model: one presents and any number of participants watches. A webcast can thus be broadcast simultaneously to several hundred or even a thousand participants.

What do I need to watch a webcast?

A current, internet-enabled device (computer, smartphone)Good internet connection (for stream)A current web browser (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)
Can I watch the video broadcast while changing my vote?

Yes, just open the video transmission with the right mouse button in a separate window (open link in the new tab). Please do not log out afterwards but change back to the browser window containing the video stream only. You may close the voting window.

I can't start the webcast. What can that be?

If necessary, your cookie settings must be adjusted. Click on the "key sign" in the browser field and then on Cookies and website data. Please allow all requested cookies.

 Technical questions and answers
I am not being forwared to the webpage, can you help?

Perhaps you don't have your cookies activated. You can check this in the settings of your Browser (eg. Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari).

Which browser can use this application?

You need any current browser that supports 256-bit SSL encryption (eg Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera). To check your current browser version, please open the browser and click on the help function / the question mark in the menu bar at the top of the screen and there on "Info". If you use the English version, go to "Help" and click on "About". Your screen will now display a new window with the browser version and encryption strength.

How can I find out that the internet connection I use is secure?

A secure internet connection is e.g. indicated by the webpage you browse.
If the webpage starts with "https", it indicates a secure connection (e.g. https//:domainname.de). An additional sign is the symbol of a closed lock within your status bar. The Shareholder Portal operates with a https-address, a secure internet connection.

What do I have to consider when the internet connection collapses during the registration for the Shareholder Portal?

The new registration could not successfully be completed, which means you have to reregister with your shareholder number and your personal access number.

What do I have to consider if I want to terminate the session?

You should always terminate your session with the „Logout“-button on the left hand side of this webpage. If you do not follow this procedure, there is the danger that non-authorized persons may spot your personal data or have the chance to manipulate these.

Why do I receive the message „time-out“, though I just logged in?

In order to use the Shareholder Portal cookies have to be activated, in order to identify the on-going session. Please check if the settings of your browser enables cookies, if not, please activate this function. If cookies were not filed, the server can not verify if you are properly logged in or not. In this case the signal “time-out” is being displayed.  

How do I produce a screenshot when having error messages?

If you want to produce a screenshot while having an error message, and you run a Windows system on your PC, you can do so with the “Print”-button on your keyboard: Please press once the “Print”-button so that the screen content is fully saved in clipboard. You may now open MS Word or WordPad and please press the combination of Ctrl+V for “paste”. Now you can save the screenshot or print it. Besides, screenshots can be produced by various screenshot tools or graphical software.